20 Jan

BSMJ Series Cylindrical Power Capacitor

main Parameter : 


1.Ambiebt temperature:-25°C ~+50°C .Humidity ≤ 85% ,Atitudenot higher than;
2.Rated voltage:120VAC,230VAC,400VAC,450VAC,525VAC,690VAC,
3.Rated capacitw:1~80KVar;
4.Capacitance tolerance:-5~+10% ;
5.Tangent of the loss angle:With the power frequency rated voltage 20°C Hour tanδ ≤ 0.1% ;
6.Withstand voltage:Between terminals 2.15 times ratde voltage for 
5 secomdes,between terminal and contain and container 3KVac for 10 secomds;
7.Insulation level:Betwee terminals and container 500DC,l minute. R ≥ 1000MΩ;
8.Maximum allowable over-voltage: 1.10 times rated voltage;
9.Max permissible over-current:1.30 times rated current;
10.Self sustained discharge ability:Give Un DC voltage to capacitor, the residual voltage to 75v or lower within 3minutes after power off;
11.Applicable standard:GB/T12747.1-2004.IEC6083l-1996.


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